Migrate WordPress: How To Move A Website Without Loosing Data

Posted on: August 12th, 2017by Joel

While you Developing a WordPress website it is sometimes necessary to Move Your WordPress website (Migrate WordPress) to one place to another, for example to change its domain or moving to another directory. And guess what – it’s not as difficult as it might seem at first, but iXeun Developers would advise you to back up your WordPress Website files and database before you start Moving from One Domain/ Directory to other.

this article will guide you 🙂

How To Move A Website Without Loosing Data

Step 1 – Updates

Before You Migrate your WordPress Website you have to make sure that our WordPress core and the plugins are updated to the latest releases.  You are starting with updating the plugins and continue with the WordPress core update. Make sure to stick to the correct order here!
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Step 2 – Backup Database

Select Your Database from PhpMyAdmin and Click Export (Check following image)

Step 2 - Backup Database - How To Move A Website Without Loosing Data - Web Design Batticaloa

From Export Section Click Quick and Press Go, After you Pressing Go Button PhpMyAdmin will download your Database File to your Computer

Step 2 - Backup Database - How To Move A Website Without Loosing Data - Web Design Batticaloa

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Step 3 – Moving your files

The next step is to move our actual WordPress files from the current web hosting control panel or Local Host Folders to the new one. Therefore, we go to the current control panel, select all files and compress them to a zip-file. Afterwards, we are downloading it and saving it on our computer. After we have done that make sure to delete the zipped file from your control panel again. if you are on Local Host Go to Worpdress Files Folder Select all files Right Click and Compress ad .zip format.

Step 3 – Moving your files - Selecting All Files from folder and Compress it - iXeun Web Design Batticaloa

Next, we go to the new control panel, select our root folder, upload the zipped file we have just downloaded and extract it in the root folder. If there is an index.html file feel free to delete it because there will be no need for it anymore. Now all our files and pages should be in the new control panel.
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Step 4 – The Database

Step 4 – The Database - WordPress Config wp-config.php Edit - iXeun Web Design BatticaloaControl panel with the wp-config.php file

Step 5 – Importing Database

The last step is to create a new database on our new user control panel. In cPanel you can create a new database under the menu “MySQL Databases”. Create a new database and a new user there. Also don’t forget to assign the new user to the new database otherwise it won’t work.

Step 5 - Importing Database - Creating MySQL user and database from Cpanel - iXeun Web Design Batticaloa

Step 4 – The Database - WordPress Config wp-config.php Edit - iXeun Web Design Batticaloa

Next, we have to go back to your files in the control panel, select “wb-config.php” and select the edit-mode. Edit and save the following three lines to match them up with our database and database user you have just created: DB_NAME, DB_USER and DB_PASSWORD

The End 😉

Now we are going to import the database we have downloaded during step 2 into our new database. For that we have to go to the menu “phpMyAdmin”, select the correct database and click the “import”-tab in the menu. Simply select the zipped file we downloaded earlier with the WordPress plugin, import it and we should be good to go!

So there you go – a short, four step (more or less) tutorial on how to relocate your WordPress website. Have fun and don’t forget to do a backup before you start!

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